Amanda is a small spiritual coach and energetic healer who wants to share her gifts with individuals who are ready to begin (or continue) their healing and ascension journeys. Originally from Augusta, Georgia and a resident of Atlanta for about eight years, she eventually found her soul in the waters of the Atlantic off the coast of Hilton Head Island and began a deep spiritual journey based within the Water Elemental, the most emotionally potent of the elements. Upon this head first dive into shadow work and renewed spiritual path, she came to be her authentic self and speak her highest Truth. 

Amanda has been an intuitive empath since childhood and able to connect with various guides and spirits in clairvoyant, clairaudient, and claircognizant ways. Using these gifts, Amanda has been able to help many individuals already begin their venture to become their Highest Selves. 

  • Bachelor’s of sociology: cultural studies & social change

  • Reiki Master-Greg Hendrix

  • Curator of custom spells, herbal & crystal elixirs

  • Ethically sourced crystal vendor

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